YES 2023!

Groovescooter unequivocally support the YES campaign for the upcoming referendum about a Constitutional Voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. While we recognise there are a variety of opinions out there and some are concerned about its effectiveness to tackle longterm issues faced by First Nations people, we believe it’s another important step in the right direction and this country’s journey towards a long-overdue Treaty. We’ve been distributing information pamphlets and giving away T-shirts, caps and badges at our recent events and in our newsletter to help get the word out there.

If you’re broke or cash-strapped but want to show your support for the YES campaign in the upcoming voice referendum, Groovescooter have a few free T-shirts (medium/white) left over and up for grabs. Head here to nab one while stocks last.
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If you would like to find out more about the Yes Campaign, get involved or volunteer then check out the YES23 website and consider donating or join a Facebook Group like this for updates. The YES23 site also has a range of gear you can buy to show your support publicly with a T-shirt, cap or badge. You can also read the Uluru Statement from the Heart and check for more info, especially if you’re a bit unsure or confused. Reading the facts will help dispel some of the lies put forward by many of the “no” advocates. After all, who wants to end up on the wrong side of history in the company of  Dutton, Hanson and co?

City of Sydney and other councils have loads of resources and links including info sessions and details about rallies/get-togethers which they are updating regularly here.