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"... if they ever remake Blade Runner, Don Meers
is the man for the soundtrack"
[David Curry, The Canberra Times]

don meers

4 STARS [3D World Magazine]
When Don Meers originally released
Train Noise there was an unusual amount of buzz around, though many – including myself – let it slip by. Train Noise / Track Works is a re-release of the album along with a second CD containing remixes from a host of electronic noodlers and beat makers, from DJ Soup to Tim Koch and 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, through to emerging Couchblip producers Disjunction Reunion and Robokoneko. If you missed out first time round, nevermind; Meers has achieved that important quality of making music that doesn’t date. Beats that often fall on the darker side are the background to an array of melodic ideas from the jazzy end of the spectrum to the more electronic. The remixes show how versatile and broad Meers palette is while other local artists prove Australian electronic music is stronger, deeper and more diverse than a lot of pundits are prepared to admit. [Clark Nova]


4 STARS [Metro, Sydney Morning Herald]
"Don Meers, a Sydney producer, impressed a sprinkling of folk
with his Train Noise album... It was a densely layered journey of
soothing beats and jazzy electronica... It has been rereleased as
a limited-edition double CD, now complete with Track Works, his
13-track Train Noise remix project. Breathing new life into the
original tracks are locals such as All India Radio, The 5000
Fingers of Dr T and DJ Soup. They apply subtle electronic twists
and drum patterns that take nothing away from the original
voyage." [Chloe Sasson]


"On the initial release of this album
from local producer Don Meers it was immediately apparent that if he was a French or German artist he would have been feted and embraced by the global electronica community for the depth of his compositional and production techniques. ...Now it's been re-released with a series of additional remixes from the likes of Surgery's Tim Koch, bright new sparks Telafonica and All India Radio. If nothing else, this will again put a spotlight over what is an intriguing and intricately arranged recording. Meers finds inspiration in the busy streets of his urban environment. Train Noise is as immediately unsettling and familiar as the album title would suggest, the broad and abstract sonic soundscapes a melancholic realm where hope reigns supreme yet each click of the mouse sends a new shiver up the spine. Gorgeously introspective, but comfortably so." [Zolton Zavos, The Brag]


"What can I say about a release like this?
Don Meers’ recent album, Track Works (which this CD is based upon) has already collected amazing reviews all around the country. I missed it first time round, but this remix project featuring some of the country's most on-form artists and producers has given me a second chance. Many of these artists have just been names to me up until now, with just the odd track heard by chance here and there. All India Radio are a case in point. Having only heard a track of theirs on Tim Ritchie’s first Sound Quality a while back, I was spellbound by their reworking of ‘Fireworks At Night’. Next up, All India Radio join with Meers himself to work on the mournful ‘Pocket Full of Pills’. A slowed down almost catatonic male voice wanders over an atmospheric soundscape punctuated by the occasional beat. Later on, we get ENS’s breakbeat heavy, full of foreboding remix of ‘Only The Pain Will Set You Free’ followed by Gotye’s carnival-esque, funky remix of the same track. The two interesting and unique versions, perfectly illustrate the way this collection has managed to retain that cohesiveness that a lot of remix albums fail on. When ‘Electronique Mascara’ turned up on the Clan Analogue/Groovescooter split 12” last year I was pretty impressed. The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T have managed to make it even better with acid grooves and warm atmospheric bass.... Robokoneko and Disjunction Reunion contribute evocative bleepy electronics that respectively remind me of Bill Laswell’s wonderful Bob Marley reworkings a few years back and some of Warp’s early output. Electronic wonderkid Tim Koch, from Adelaide’s Surgery records, reworks ‘A Walk Across The Water’. The crunchy beats and warm, sad sound make for probably my favourite track on the album. Ask me tomorrow and it could be different though. I tried not to, but it’s really quite difficult to do this album (or the artists involved) justice without commenting on just about every track. The people at Groovescooter must be putting something in the water down there. And on the strength of this remix album I’ll definitely be making up for lost time and hunting down the original release of Train Noise. [Calico, InTheMix.com.au]


Tracklisting - TRACK WORKS

01 Fireworks At Night - remixed by All India Radio
02 Pocket Full Of Pills - Don Meers vs All India Radio
03 The French Quarter - remixed by Bikkie Boy + Cookie Girl
04 Only The Pain Will Set You Free - remixed by ENS
05 Only The Pain Will Set You Free - Gotye's Pain Free remix
06 We Have The Technology - DJ Soup's Rebuilt remix
07 The French Quarter - remixed by Telafonica
Electronique Mascara - remixed by The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T
09 Only The Pain Will Set You Free - Disjunction Reunion Dulls The Pain remix
10 A Walk Across The Water - Robokoneko's And Through The Fields remix
11 Empty by amphibian - remixed by Don Meers
12 A Walk Across The Water - remixed by Tim Koch
13 Train Noise - Groovescooter's Ghost Train remix


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