AUDIO-NOIR – A Surreal Night Sydney Opera House – Studio

Produced by Groovescooter, a surreal event where we pull focus on The Studio for a night of method-music meets film-noir mystrionics; a full- length feature of sound and flickering footage. Starring femme fatale singer/director INGA LILJESTROM and her Elk sextet, you’ll be transported to the set of a David Lynch film with the sounds and voice that many are calling Australia’s answer to Bj√∂rk or Portishead.
As a host of characters gate-crash the set, the lines between real-life, screen plots and the imagination will blur. Joining Inga for the night are R-rated soundtracker MICHAEL LIRA and his SINEMA PHANTASMA (with Jay Katz + Miss Death steering the film projector), alongside celluloid moodstar DON MEERS, plus the Groovescooter crew and coccidental tourists and maverick extras. Jumpcut from cliff-hanger chase sequences where upturned motor’s still purr with electronic beats, to an isolated heroine shivering between icicles as the harmonics of orchestrated strings threaten an emotional avalanche.

8.15pm Weds Mar 23, 2005 –
The Studio, Sydney Opera House
Presented by The Studio & Groovescooter