Brothers Hypnotic
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

BROTHERS HYPNOTIC Australian Premiere for Antenna Documentary Film Festival
The eight sons of anti-establishment Sun-Ra trumpeter Phil Cohran are the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – a tight crew of amazingly talented musicians from Chicago’s South Side, brought up on their father’s steadfast ideals to remain fiercely independent artists at all costs. The film unfolds as the brothers are on the rise, gigging with the likes of Mos Def and Prince, taking the international festival circuit by storm and recording with Damon Albarn’s label Honest Jon’s. As success beckons, they find themselves at a crossroads – will they remain street performers and self-distributors of their work, or choose to let go of their inherited principles and find their own, new way forward? (RC – Antenna). Directed by Reuben Atlas this beautiful film also offers glimpses into a unique family unit as well as Cohran’s history.
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Screens 9pm, Sunday October 6, 2013
Chauvel Cinema 1, Paddington
Part of the Antenna Documentary Film Festival
Co-presented by EASTSIDE RADIO + Groovescooter