Train Noise

TRAIN NOISE is Don Meers’ highly praised, full length soundtrack journey of sonic cinemascapes, featuring 10 tracks that will sometimes lull you and at other times propel your imagination into unfamiliar lands. Thru driving beats, lyrical string arrangements and a myriad of samples –  as well as the organic mod-jazz musicianship of his live shows – Don Meers creates a timely passage that ultimately spirals towards a satisfying destination. Beautifully downbeat, bowed melodies transport the listener to Eastern Bloc boulevards circa the cold war, while the album snakes its way from the shores of the Ganges to a Parisian movie house and beyond. The album climaxes at Redfern Station – the location of the album’s cover image and the sampled backing for the slow-mo title track closer.  “If they ever remake Blade Runner, Meers is the man for the soundtrack.” [Canberra Times]