Not Necessarily Stoned

Not Necessarily Stoned | CD EP

Following an earlier cassette single, this 1994 single/EP from Society, featured the breezy hip hop lead track Planes Overhead (Sydney’s much-disputed 3rd runway and inner-west aircraft noise were the issues of the day) alongside a protracted psych-funk studio jam entitled Not Necessarily Stoned, But Beautiful and a bonus, more club-focussed neo-soul remix by Mark Douglas. At the time the band consisted of guitarist/vocalist Stuart Tume, drummer Eugene Dennison, vocalist Georgie Zuzak, trumpeter Robert Guzmanyi, saxophonist Doug Hazel¬†and bassist Paris Pompor. Recorded and mixed at Ultimo’s Damien Gerrard Studios in Sydney by Paul McQueen and Colin Wright it was distributed by Disculture.

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“The most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to do, is to clear the mind.”