Don Meers


The score to an imagined future, is now ready for download. Don Meers’ 4th release on Groovescooter Records is called ‘Splint’ and finds Don building a sonic bridge between the frenetic electro-jazz of his debut EP ‘4.30am’, and the lush cinematics of his much lauded longplayer ‘Train Noise‘. It’s also Meers’ most personal audio journal to date. Split into two distinct ‘sides’, ‘Splint’ tails Don’s earlier outings like a spy, craftily moving through numerous moods, whilst always staying one step ahead of the listener. As always, those carefully controlled atmospherics are bound together by strong melodic threads, fusing his European leanings with ’40s jazz, back-alley electro-blues, warm acoustics, razor-sharp electronics and a legion of samples. From deep space ambiences, guitarscape instrumentals and noirish roadmovie tales, through to sample heavy bop-beat-electro-jazz and a surprisingly sad, stripped back closer. Including collaborations with Martin Kennedy’s All India Radio, Inga Liljeström and Sloth, plus a fresh vocal direction, ‘Splint’ finds this cinematic maestro once again taking the listener on an imaginative journey.

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