Released in shops as a limited edition bonus disc with Don Meers‘ long player Train Noise (and also as an exclusively packaged stand-alone album only available thru CrispyDisc), Track Works is a collection of stunning remixes from Don Meers’ first two critically acclaimed releases on Groovescooter Records. Featuring DJ Soup‘s bionic hip hop rewiring of We Have The Technology, along with reworkings by All India RadioENSGotyeTim KochTelafonicaRobokonekoDisjunction Reunion, The 5000 Fingers of Dr TBikkie Boy + Cookie Girl and Groovescooter. Coupled with these remixes is a sample of the new collaborative partnership of Don Meers and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) – who are currently working on a joint album – plus a remix from Don Meers himself.

Sorry Track Works has now SOLD OUT