Inga Liljeström


Although simultaneously released overseas as a nine track CD, This CD exclusive-to-Australia version of Two Dangers is  released on Groovescooter with 5 bonus tracks, including Inga’s beautiful cover of Trouble by Cat Stevens which doesn’t feature on the European pressing, alongside brand new New Inga compositions joining traditional songs like the Karen Dalton fave Katie Cruel as well as a cover of Melanie Safka‘s Some Say I Got Devil.

The long-awaited 5th album from much-loved songstress Inga Liljeström follows on from her kinetic and surprising 2011 album Black Crown Jane. While the previous album was recorded in France with a rather more rowdy collection of Parisian players, for Two Dangers the mood and sounds are again unexpected, yet somehow altogether familiar as Inga’s voice comforts like an old friend.

In Inga’s own words… “My inspiration: a tattered picture I ripped from a magazine of a woman sitting on her bed smoking a cigarette, naked, her long hair wild and disheveled, paint pealing off the walls. I imagined these as the songs she would listen to. The recordings feature my friends playing resophonic guitars, banjos, burnished horns, spooky musical saws, violins, creaky boards and dusty boots. The songs are a mix of traditional folk and original songs penned while living with my sister in the mountains, influenced by Appalachian mountain music and a touch of ’50s romance. I have no idea why my muse presented me with this style of music, but I loved singing it and found it a refuge for broken hearts and lonely nights.”

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