Warp & Weft


Debut album for Brisbane based digital-jazz artist Ens [pron. ‘enz’]. With recent tracks on ‘Evolutionary Vibes 5‘ and Tim Ritchie‘s ‘Sound Quality 2‘, plus various remixes doing the rounds and bending ears – producer Ben Fairweather follows up with a longplayer that both dazzles and lulls; dark and brooding, uplifting and hypnotic. From the manic rhythm rush of ‘All In The Mood‘ (where drummer Billy Cobham meets his cyber double) to the mesmerising beauty of surf-daybreak soundtrack ‘Tranquilaise‘, Ens’ dexterous programming is evident, as is his unique sense of melodic juxtaposition. Featuring interstate guests Sloth [ex-Meta Bass ‘n’ Breath] and Andrew Day [Nightswimmer/Sound Movement] plus vocalists Inga Liljeström [Gerling/Friendly/Baggsmen] and Georgie Zuzak, Ens has recontextualised his long distance collaborators, manipulating their offerings in an exclusively digital domain. The resulting output is an album of moodswings that somehow manages to also sound organic and fluid. Somewhere between the freeform hypnosis of perpetually unwinding jazz and the brooding intent of downbeat electronics. As velvet double bass strings slap against chrome plated electronics and brushed rhythms, ‘Warp and Weft’ glistens from beginning to end with hints of both the Ninja and Warp labels. Read more here.
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Warp & Weft is also available digitally here.