Inga Liljestrom

Inga Liljestrom

Imagine BJöRK, PORTISHEAD + LAMB on the set of DAVID LYNCH film. ELK is a stunning, film-noirish journey from singer/songwriter Inga Liljeström – the voice behind Gerling‘s hit single Dust Me Selecta, Hi-Fi Mike, Friendly, d.i.g. (Curveystrasse), Itch-e & Scratch-e, Alien Headspace, ENS and many others. Now the most distinctive voice floating above Australia’s musical landscape delivers her first commercially available, full-length solo album. It’s a lush and beautifully cohesive, yet darkly fragile work of immense proportions. That otherworldly quality fans have always associated with Inga, reaches new heights as her stunning lyrical images find wings to soar in a fresh band-setting where talented players provide live strings, contrabass, Moricone-esque guitar, fluglehorn/trumpet, keyboards, samples and fractured beats. To say the result is cinematic, is an exercise in understatement. “21st Century film-noir for the ears” [Tim Ritchie Radio National]. Read more here

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