Inga Liljestrom
Urchin - Repress

Inga Liljestrom

Now made available for the first time via Groovescooter, are a limited number of this must-have collectable. ‘Urchin‘ was Inga Liljestrom’s very first LP, recorded back in 1998. Featuring the gorgeous tracks ‘Coma‘ and ‘Marmalade‘ – which early fans will remember doing the rounds as remixes by a young Friendly and Ali Omar (Atone) respectively – it also features ‘Holding Still‘, ‘Yellohead‘, ‘Oxygen Boy‘, ‘Cut‘, ‘Deeper Things‘, ‘10 Smiles‘, ‘Touch Tongue‘ and an early version of ‘The Drowning Song‘ which Inga has been performing live again lately, accompanied by a toy piano. 12 tracks that will pull you in “hook line and sinker”, plus a remix of ‘Coma’ by Bob Scott (Wicked Beat Sound System).

Inga Liljestom – “Australia’s best-kept secret” [Marty Wilson-Piper, The Church]

Please note this CD is not available in stores – only on-line or at live shows.

To purchase CD: SORRY – original pressing of URCHIN NOW SOLD-OUT – but check further up on this page for the special edition ltd edition repress with bonus tracks and 2010 single ‘Thistle’ – available November 2010.