T-Shirt: Inga Liljestrom

Featuring an original design by INGA LILJESTROM, these limited edition T’s and singlets can only be bought on-line or at Inga shows. Entitled Lupe and Beatrice┬áthe design was first drawn by Inga when she was only 6 years old, and was screen printed by artist Jan Paul on to t-shirts for her family and friends at that time. Now, many (many!) years later, it seemed apt that it become the first Inga T-shirt available to fans, newly re-designed by Jan Paul. Inga assures us that Lupe and Beatrice are living happily somewhere far away… but their actual whereabouts is unclear! You can check out Inga’s early drawing below.

Female Singlets in Black or ‘surprise’ colours – SML + MED
Female T-shirts in Black or ‘surprise’ colours – SML, MED + LRG
Male T-shirts in Black or ‘surprise’ colours – MED, LRG + X-LRG.

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