The If If - Album


The 2nd album from Sydney’s own ‘fun boy two’, OLLO features the single The Campaign For Real Bread (see below for 7″) and is released in Australia on Groovescooter (followed by 12 Apostles around the globe). The If If is like an hermetic iPod; mixing pop, dance, electro and downbeat home listening. With both a unique outsider’s view of the world and a questioning plea from within, the LP’s personal core is brimming with crafty ideas, smart programming, wit, insight, lovingly played instruments and evocative lyrics. Guests include Rok Poshtya (The Herd), Inga Liljestrom, FourPlay cellist Peter Hollo, UK trumpeter Roger Mills and Tooth‘s Kevin Purdy. Mixed with ex-UK producer Mike Burnham (Heliocentrics/Mowax/Output etc), it augments the fragmented vocal samples of Ollo’s debut LP Sleeper with a more fully-crafted ‘song’ approach, as songwriter Alex Crowfoot‘s vocals imbue a greater portion of the swirling mix. Also includes Ollo’s reworking of Fun Boy 3‘s The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum).

You can Watch The Video for first single The Campaign For Real Bread.
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