Portrait Of Jason

This is quite possibly the most conversation-provoking vision you’ll have all year and certainly unlike anything you’ve seen before or are likely to experience again in a cinema. An intense, funny, moving, ambiguous and complicated portrait of NY hustler (or is he?) Jason Holliday. Directed by Shirley Clarke, who spent a 12-hour night in December 1966 interviewing the – some might say ‘outrageous’ – Jason, Portrait of Jason is brave, provocative and game-changing filmmaking. Clarke edited the interview into 105 minutes of eyebrow-raising, direct-to-camera anecdotes from a man who spent his life challenging ideas of class, race, profession, sexuality and gender. Who gives you work and why should you do it. Who are your friends and what are their motivations? What is truth and what is fiction? No wonder Ingmar Bergman exclaimed it to be “the most extraordinary film I’ve seen in my life.”

Screens @ Event Cinemas
George Street, Sydney
4pm, Saturday Feb 22, 2014
Presented by Queer Screen + Discover Los Angeles
in partnership with Groovescooter and Eastside Radio