Marvin + Motown Celebrations

with Giveaways + Marvin’s new LP on 2×12″

Friday 5th July, 2019
Golden Age Cinema + Bar, Surry Hills
Presented by Groovescooter

Join us to celebrate the brilliance of Marvin Gaye in a rare cinema screening of the 1972 Blaxploitation film for which he famously wrote the terrific score: Trouble Man. This cool, cult-status, streetwise, action drama is centred around a renegade South Central L.A. character known as “Mr T”, who is part pool-shark, part private detective and part ghetto-fixer: a one-cat army who moves to the beat of his own drum and the grooves of Motown’s greatest soul-man. The film’s soundtrack – one of the few Marvin albums where he was in complete control (writing and producing it solo, while recording it with members of Bohanon & The Funk Brothers) – was one of Marvin’s most successful records and was released in the same year as he was writing/recording the brand-new, posthumously released double-LP You’re The Man. We’ll have specially-priced copies of the new Marvin Gaye album on vinyl at this screening of Trouble Man, plus some in-theme giveaways.

This is the first of Groovescooter’s Motown 60th Birthday/Marvin 80th Anniversary events for 2019. Stay tuned for more.

“You dig it?”