T-Shirt 8 by Groovescooter
God Save The Pretty Vacant Queens

In time for Mardi Gras’ 40th Anniversary and our screening of Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution – Groovescooter’s new range of T-Shirts includes this Sex Pistols-inspired design by one-time teenage punk, Paris Groovescooter. Available in hot-pink Ts with print colour scheme shown and in three non-gendered unisex sizes. Text Reads: “God Save The Pretty, Vacant Queens”. BUY HERE

Also coming soon:
All Gender Is Ⓐ Drag T-shirt
with queer-punk, gender-fluid toilet avatar
Anarqueer T-shirt
with Anarchist/Pink Triangle logo
Queen Freddie VS Sid Ferocious  / God Save Freddie The Queen T-shirt ORDER HERE
Freddie Mercury & Sid Vicious’ infamous studio stoush immortalised… Freddie won of course)
Vegetarian: Except When It Comes To Sex And Music T-shirt
based on Warhol‘s Velvet Banana design