HERE TO BE HEARD: The STORY of The SLITS A punky-reggae feminist revolution/revalation that predates the riot-grrrl movement by quite a few decades, THE SLITS gatecrashed punk and then became quickly bored with it, ignoring three-chord thrash rules and instead incoporating elements of freeform jazz as well as African and Jamaican rhythms. This is their STORY OF THE SLITS

Berlin 80s Exhibition

MICK HARVEY IN CONVERSATION + B-MOVIE FILM + BERLIN EXHIBITION Delighted to have Australian musician Mick Harvey (ex-Boys Next Door/Birthday Party and Bad Seeds) join us for our In Conversation series. As always, it’s FREE but this time around it not only takes place surrounded by the must-see Berlin photo exhibition Brilliant Dilletantes, but we’re Berlin 80s Exhibition


In the mid-1980s and ‘90s, a group of queer outsiders dreamt up a punk revolution still making waves to this day. Called Queercore, it turned the punk scene and LGBTQI community on their heads by putting butch-dykes and gay skinheads centre stage. Starting out as little more than fiction, the idea snowballed to become an QUEERCORE

ISAAC JULIEN In Conversation

Groovescooter are thrilled to have celebrated filmmaker & visual artist ISAAC JULIEN In Conversation in Sydney on Sunday Feb 18 alongside a retrospective screening of his terrific film YOUNG SOUL REBELS. With a fantastic soundtrack, the film portrays the clash of British youth-culture in London in the late-’70s, as soulboys, gay punks and skinheads collide. ISAAC JULIEN In Conversation


Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo and we’re In Conversation! In Conversation, 2SER and Groovescooter’s live Q & A event, whips up another unmissable night as we put even more questions to new-wave art-rock pioneers, DEVO. On the eve of their Sydney Entertainment Centre show, Devo co-founders Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale Devo


GRACE JONES: Bloodlight And Bami There are pop icons, disco icons, gay icons, fashion icons, feminist icons, cultural icons… and then there’s the utterly unique Grace Jones. Forget traditional music documentary formats, for someone as unconventional as Jones, director Sophie Fiennes turns in an artistically rendered, observational chronicle of an artist in her sixties, but GRACE JONES


At last the Grateful Dead have the documentary they deserve. Directed by Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story), and with Martin Scorsese as executive producer, this is a lovingly meticulous account of the life and times of the countercultural avatars, masters of psychedelic jamming and kings of the road. The freewheeling film tells the story of LONG STRANGE TRIP


Chasing Trane is a sweeping biography of the jazz titan and free thinker whose boundary- shattering, otherworldly music continues to influence music fans and artists around the world. Director John Scheinfeld (The U.S. vs. John Lennon) creates a rich and compelling narrative, moving from Coltrane’s roots through his work with Miles Davis, his legendary album JOHN COLTRANE


Djalu Gurruwiwi, an ageing Yolngu elder and master Yidaki (didgeridoo) player, is a custodian of his people’s ancient Songlines, which have stored his clan’s Knowledge, Culture and Country since the birth of time. But Djalu is running out of time to pass on these Songlines, entrusted to him for the future of his people. His WESTWIND


Direct from the filmmaker Patrick Buchanan for its Sydney Premiere, comes the doco about legendary music innovators THE ORB, that many have been waiting for. Groovescooter present LUNAR ORBIT for the 2017 Sydney Underground Film Festival, a personal probe into the unique inner workings of producers Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann, who together continue to THE ORB


With a healthy respect for Wu-Tang Clan and an even healthier disrespect for Tories, capitalism, celebrity and pop culture, working class East-Midlanders SLEAFORD MODS rip into the status quo armed with little more than a microphone, a laptop and a beer crate. Groovescooter present the Australian Premiere of Christine Franz‘s unpretentious roc-doc Bunch of Kunst, SLEARFORD MODS

Art-Groupie 3

ArtGroupie – Groovescooter’s recurring series of collective visual art exhibitions by musicians, DJs, vocalists and producers – returns in September 2012. Artists exhibiting include Reg Mombassa & Peter Doherty (Mental As Anything/Dog Trumpet), Mick Turner (Dirty Three), Steve Kilbey (The Church), DJ Annabelle Gaspar and some 20 others. For 2012 we’ve also added a second Art-Groupie 3


Groovescooter are working with the Sydney Film Festival in 2017 on a number of screening parties including a Roller Boogie Party for the premiere of Kate Hickey‘s Roller Dreams documentary about the Venice Beach roller dance scene with special guest Terrell Ferguson – who is one the OG skaters from the film and will be SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL 2017

JEFF DUFF In Conversation

We did something similar with the inimitable Jeff Duff a year ago when the singer, songwriter, actor and bohemian first released his gold-leafed memoirs This Will Explain Everything via Melbourne Books. Now as Kings X threatens to implode under lock-outs, conservatism, developers (again!) and baby strollers, the good folk from Hidden Sydney have invited us JEFF DUFF In Conversation


Featuring interviews with RZA (the Wu-Tang Clan), Prince Paul (De La Soul), Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw), Jazzy Jay (Afrika Bambaataa’s Soulsonic Force), Louis “Breakbeat Lou” Flores (Ultimate Breaks & Beats), Otis Clay and starring the man himself, SYL JOHNSON, this intimate portrayal of one of the most sampled men in music history, comes direct SYL JOHNSON

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